About Us

Verovia Academy aims to support ambitious individuals throughout their life-long learning journey by providing personalised academic and professional training.

Our vision

Our vision is to foster a culture of continous learning and change the way we teach and learn to enhance students’ curiosity, creativity, passion, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Our values

Students are empowered and trained to take ownership and full control of their learning. This value is the centre of everything we do as we believe that each student has unique potentials, set of interests, learning style, and goals. Therefore, we train students to realise their elements and dreams, and empower them to design their own learning path to fulfil their dreams.
Education should be consistent with the nature of human growth and development. It means education should keep evolving and adapting to the needs of human, society, and the environment.
Teachers are empowered to take ownership of their teaching methods to stimulate students' curiosity and their love of learning. We inspire creativity in students by being creative educators ourselves. A creative educator is dare to try and experiment new teaching methods and aspired to make enticing and engaging learning activities.
Our society and education has been built on competition, but we believe that cooperation is essential to overcome contemporary and future challenges.

Our Trainers

We are an international team with years of experience in coaching and training. All our coaches and trainers graduated with top grades from prestigious universities. We are dedicated to guiding students all the way through their studies.

Quynh Hoang Profile Picture

Quynh Hoang

Co-Founder & Academic Coach
Quynh Hoang has more than 10 years of working experience in education in various roles. Her goal is to cultivate an environment where teachers and students are empowered to take ownership of their learning. She firmly believes that our education system should embrace creativity and autonomy while providing sufficient tools, navigation instruments, and checkpoints. Such system would foster inspiration, passion, individuals' talents, self-confidence, and cooperation.

Callum McLean

Callum McLean is a qualified teacher of EAP (English for Academic Purposes), with six years' experience. He is a writer and editor of academic (and other) texts, and was editor and co-founder of a graduate journal (Soapbox). Though experienced with students and texts of all disciplines, he most enjoys engaging with research in the humanities and social sciences, and particularly the analysis of culture.

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