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Unlock your potential and ace your applications with our expert guidance. Join our team of specialists and coaches who have a 99% success rate in securing admission to dream universities.

Planning to pursue your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the Netherlands? At Verovia Academy, we understand your unique aspirations, strengths, and goals. We ensure that we get to know you personally and tailor our guidance to match your specific needs. Whether you need help choosing universities, crafting a compelling motivation letter, or exploring scholarship opportunities, we’ve got you covered.


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Why Work With Us

Verovia’s highly qualified team have in-depth knowledge and  firsthand experience in the Dutch educational system along with a stellar track record of   advising prospective students on the right programs, eligibility and educational quality and supporting them in their admission journey. We have the knowledge and insights to help you stand out from the crowd. We stay up to date with the latest trends in university admissions and insights of the Dutch job market to advise on the impact of your choices on career prospects.

Verovia Academy offers a comprehensive range of services throughout the application process. From university and major/course selection to application strategy, resume/CV building, interview preparation, scholarships, and more, we’re here to support you every step of the way from start to finish and a safe comfortable landing in the Netherlands.


Consultation Package

Career & Study Consultation + Eligibility Consultation
2-4 weeks
Course selection (Advise on the right programs, eligibility and educational quality) - Application strategy - Resume building
Starting from €500 for up to two Bachelor programs (similar majors) - Starting from €800 for up to two Masters programs (similar majors)
Application Preparation & Submission
4-8 weeks
Interview Preparation
Starting from €500 for up to two Bachelor programs (similar majors) - Starting from €800 for up to two Masters programs (similar majors)

Additional services available as add-ons:

  • Academic & Study Skills Online Course
  • Pre-departure Briefing 
  • Scholarship Application
  • Visa Application
  • Arrival Support

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 Don’t let the stress of university applications overwhelm you. We help you stay organised, manage your time effectively, and meet critical deadlines. With our assistance, you can focus on exam preparation, skill development, and the exciting journey of exploring educational opportunities. Embarking in a new country for university studies is a major milestone. At Verovia, we understand the nerves that come with it. Our team consists of alumni of the top universities in the Netherlands from Vietnam and outside Europe who then stayed to live and work. We have embarked on the same journey as you and recognize the importance of a soft landing in a foreign country. When you work with us, we will also introduce you to social communities of students who have also made the journey from Vietnam to study in the Netherlands.  Schedule a call with us right below to learn more.

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You can book an online consultation meeting with Verovia. What Verovia consultant can help:
  • Advise on the Bachelor and Master’s programmes
  • Advise on your eligibility
  • Advise on scholarship opportunities
  • Advise on career prospects in the Netherlands
  • Explain the admission procedure in the Netherlands
If you prefer a quick chat, contact our Consultant on Facebook or Zalo.