An Immersive Learning and Experiencing Europe Summer Camp

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Get ready to soar

The Verovia European Summer Camp is exclusively tailored for students aged 12 to 17. Get ready to immerse yourself in the picturesque European landscapes, from the vibrant streets of Amsterdam to the majestic Alps in Switzerland, with plenty of exciting stops in between. It’s not just about sightseeing; it’s also about immersing yourself in cultural vignettes, natural scenes, prestigious university campuses.

Why you will love our camp

Exciting Signature Destinations

Our camp will take you to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Abundant Opportunities to See, Taste, and Experience European Cultures.

Future-ready Insights

Explore prestigious universities, gaining valuable insights into the world-class education offered in the Netherlands.

Get a sneak peek into your future with career workshops and connect with Vietnamese students and professionals in the Netherlands.

Supercharged Confidence

Tackle challenges like a real traveller and emerge with unbeatable self-confidence and independence.

Engage in enticing escape games to sharpen your soft skills and historical understanding.

Participate in an inspiring role play game designed for future global leaders at the European Parliament.

Ignite Your Innovative Spirit

Immerse yourself in the “Silicon Valley of Europe”, Eindhoven, where innovation hubs and universities rule.

Explore the fascinating universe of STEM programmes and envision the boundless opportunities they hold.

Become a Culture Guru

Discover hidden gems and enhance your understanding of the local culture, history, and day-to-day life with our local guides.

Enrich your cultural awareness by delving into the world of Van Gogh and Mozart, touring castles and historic towns, and savouring the diverse flavours of European cuisine.

Endless fun and and unique experiences

Dive into a fairy tale at Efteling, the magical theme park often hailed by fans as “better than Disney Land”.

Bath in the natural beauty of Europe landscapes with scenic lake cruises, captivating train rides across borders, and peaceful bike rides through the forest.

Enduring Perks to Treasure

Discover yourself through enlightening career orientation activities guided by our top-tier trainers, each with years of experience studying and working in Europe.

Get out of your comfort zone and forge long-lasting friendships and valuable networks with people from diverse background.

Upon your return, you’ll be brimming with renewed energy and cherished memories of Europe’s most awe-inspiring places, as well as a refreshed perspective of the world around you.


Our Happy Students and Parents

Many thanks to all the camp teachers for their exceptional care of our kids and for creating such a memorable experience that they were reluctant to leave. I eagerly anticipate next year's summer camp, where the kids can embark on another journey together. If only the trip could extend a bit longer, perhaps for 3-4 weeks, it would be absolutely perfect.
Mother of Khanh Linh, grade 10
As I travel more, I become more aware of my limitations. I often get lost in unfamiliar streets and feel confused when crossing roads. Living in a foreign country has made me realize how little life experience I have. However, this summer experience has given me a clearer vision for my future. I am grateful to the teachers and friends I met at the camp for helping me discover my potential and desires. My self-doubt has started to fade away. As we return from the camp, I wonder if it's the end or just the beginning of another journey.
Van Anh, grade 11
My son learned a lot from his friends at the camp. Since returning, he has been more attentive and helpful at home, even packing his own luggage perfectly. We are grateful to the camp teachers for their guidance and care during the trip. Thanks to them, our children had a meaningful and successful trip.
Mother of Quang Duc, grade 10
Thanks to this summer camp, I have learned many things. First of all, I experienced life in Europe and gained insights into studying and living there. This has helped me prepare for my future journey and feel more confident. Secondly, I learned about the university system in Europe, which has helped me make better decisions about which universities to apply to. Lastly, I made many new friends and had lots of fun with them, even though most of them are younger than me.
Bao Nghi, grade 12

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